My journey prt. 1

The last few days I’ve been wondering where my life is truly going. At 25, I feel like I’m supposed to have so much more together than I do. Even thinking about a friend of mine who I work with in the same office. She has more of a mindset with where she is going.

I can’t imagine where I’d want to end up nor where to even begin. I try to capture my ideas and thoughts and they are scattered as my life is. I want to find out from someone in a similar situation that can tell me where to begin with finding my true self.

I feel I have a frame of what I want my true self to be, but that is as far as I dare to think. I can put my likes/dislikes, hopes/dreams and so on in the mix but they are just open ended thoughts that can be changed and rearranged. I want something more permanent.

This post isn’t to say that I’m lost or confused. I know who I am in the general sense I just want to go deeper and delve into that hidden place I haven’t had time for.

I’ve learned a lot over the last few years. It has been a real journey that I’m proud to be a part of. I don’t feel lost, I just feel that there is more I would love to experience.

As always, Thanks for listening,

N.W, peace and love.


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