Happy 2015!!!

It is going to be the start of another year and it is time to celebrate.  Take time and think of those who need it and spend time with those in your life that you love.  Make the rest of 2014 great and look forward to being the best version of you in 2015!

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss


Daily inspiration

“I don’t know why femininity should be associated with weakness. Women should be free to express who they are without thinking, ‘I need to act like a man, or I need to tone it down to be successful.’ That’s a very good way to keep women down.” — Zooey Deschanel

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Five resolutions you can stick to in 2015

Five resolutions you can stick to for 2015

As the year comes to a close, it comes to mind those so called resolutions we would like to change in our lives.

Whether it is to eat better, work out more, or just be a better human being, we also find it hard to keep them.

So, you want to find a way to keep the changes we would like to make it is important to note we should be realistic. You can’t just completely overhaul your diet or immediately run a marathon, everything takes time.

Believe me, I am one who has had trouble keeping resolutions, not because I couldn’t or had the strength to, but life does get in the way. So I have a list of just a few small things I have learned overtime that work around life’s out of control schedules.

1. Get back to your family and friends.

With the holidays wrapping up it is the time to become closer to family and friends. I know with work and other life’s little inconsistencies, I see only a few of my family and friends only a few times out of the year. But here is a prime time to reach out to them. Even if it is a phone call a week because you two live in different states, or getting lunch once a month to just catch up. It is important to keep in contact with those that are positive in your life.

Use these people as support tools. The family and friends that are positive in your like are worth keeping around. You may be isolating yourself without knowing it. I do also see something in losing those ties that make you feel less about yourself. There is no feelings lost by bettering yourself.

2. Start small.

We are all guilty of not keeping promises to ourselves. These goals, if not kept can be seen as failures and that brings us further down the rabbit hole of self doubt.

3. Be true to yourself. Take time for yourself.

There is no worse feeling then stressing out over other people’s petty problems. Now is the time to make sure you weed out those problems of others you just can’t solve on your own. We all have problems of our own that need to be tend to too. It is good to just be a good listener.

4. Strengthen yourself, mind, body, soul.

Find the things that make you happy and move towards them.

I recently found a love of crafty that I thought I wouldn’t ever have time for. I work on a project a little at a time and if you look over my other posts here, you will see just a few of my projects I have given as Christmas gifts.

Finishing those projects left me with a huge sense of pride that has made me want to continue. But there are so many other ideas that you can do to find a little moment of happiness out of your day. Whether it is talking to a friend for an hour or having coffee with a fellow colleague. What never sets your minds at ease.

5. Worry less. Don’t expect too much.

Just because we make these resolutions or goals, and if we don’t keep them, doesn’t mean we are going to have a horrible year. It all takes time and we just have to choose small, reasonable tasks for ourselves before we move to those bigger changes in life. It all starts with you/I.

As always thanks for listening,

NW — peace and love