A family apart

As we go through the motions of buy gifts for our loved ones and maybe even for strangers, we should keep in mind that there is so much more to Christmas and the New year.

I have been watching several uplifting holiday movies with my family and wondering how can the holiday season bring nothing but good wishes for those around us?

We get too bogged down with the constant pace of our lives that we just need to take a moment and think of others. Families have grudges, don’t pretend yours doesn’t, and they need to be put aside.

I’ve been dealing with an ongoing family dispute that has been going on for years and it is petty and unnecessary. I am the middle man that has to report for both sides, it is voluntary, but I have stopped recently and haven’t even felt the motivation to visit them and it is sad. But it is a good thing I feel, because there comes a point that we have to let those that have those grudges alone and stew in their own juices.

Here is something I have learned by being in the middle of a constant family battle:

1. Its hard to understand where the argument is coming from. The argument took years before I really knew what the dispute really was. If you have a family who really exaggerates then you understand because you hear the two sides and realize there is no merit to the argument anyway. But you do have to lend respect where it is due because people who have an argument have and feel they have it for a reason.

2. Never meddle in the argument or dispute. Even though you would want peace, let the individuals have their moment. It’ll pass, it may not end but they will feel they have said their peace.

3. If the argument isn’t life or death, it is just a moment in time that doesn’t mean anything anyway.

4. Keep those strong family relationships stronger. There are family members that you turn to in times of need. It is good to say your peace, but just listen to them and keep them satisfied that they are being heard.

5. Don’t think too much of it. If it isn’t your argument then it shouldn’t hold on too strong for you.

I love my family and would do anything for them. It is time to stick to those that matter and have a positive influence in your life.

As always thank you for listening,

N.W. peace and love and happy holidays!


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