Where did all the time go?


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 Where did the time go?

I sit here, looking at the computer screen, typing. Working on what ever comes next in the newsroom. I have worked at my local, small-town paper going on three years in October and it has been an experience to say the least. I have met some pretty great people and have had some really great and exciting times.

Another mile-stone that is coming up is my graduation with my master’s degree. It has been a long road. I have taken semesters off and worked as hard as I thought was possible. I have learned a lot and stand to continue to learn more as I wrap up my final course.

Where did all this time go?

A few years ago I was just finishing my undergraduate studies looking for a job in my field, believing I wouldn’t get one and I would have to move. I am lucky for getting the job I did when I did. Most college grads don’t get that chance.

Time moves faster than you think when you get older. There is more work to be done professionally and personally that make it so. Vacations too go faster. I think it is set up in our minds that we have to be able to get back on track when we return that we can’t fully commit to relaxing. I continue to think of all this potential free time that I am going to have when school is done, but then will I really have all the free time I think I’m going to have?

It is as though we are the clouds and life and time is the wind. There are days when you move slower throughout the day, then there are others when everything feels so rushed you can’t catch your breath.

In times like these I think of the people that matter the most and usually send out a simple text just to make them aware that I do think of them constantly. Even though it may not feel like it.

I have the tendency to shut everyone out when I’m in the middle of a semester. I don’t want my focus to waiver. It is a bad habit of mine and I feel that I have almost lost some of my best friends because of this mindset. I am getting better.

Here are a few of the things that I plan to incorporate in my spare time once my master’s degree is completed:

* More time with friends and family.
* More time for reading.
* More time to being outside.
* More time learning and researching for my work.
* Looking to expand my career.

Yes, things happen and I am aware that time is something we can not guarantee. But, I want to make more of an effort to have these things in my life. I tend to seclude myself without knowing it and then it is too late.

Life is about living and I don’t want to just stand while it goes past. My sister too is graduating high school these summer and it is important to me that we also spend time together as she is going away to college and, as I completely understand, time gets filled rather quickly.

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“Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.”—Lucy Maud Montgomery


Happy Monday!


I hope your Monday is going as well as can be expected. Here in my small Ohio town, it is yet again snowing, reminding us all that Old Man Winter is still lingering. Here are just a few items to take your mind off of the weather and on to happier, more adventurous experiences!!!

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Spring time


Spring time is upon us. I’m thankful that the cold chill of winter is gone for now and we can look forward to the wonderful things of summer such as fires and cookouts, catching fireflies, and toasting marshmallows. Although it is Ohio, so we will have to wait and see what Mother Nature will bring!