My sister – the art of growing up

Recently I had the pleasure to take my sister’s senior pictures. It is hard to believe that she is a senior in high school. It was really just yesterday that she was just born and we were sharing a room in our hometown of Fremont, Ohio. Now, she has grown to be a beautiful woman.


I understand her apprehension to becoming an adult. At 26, I still don’t want to be, as they say, grown up. I just finished the first season of Garfunkel and Oats, which I definitely recommend. The one episode has Riki, experiencing her biological clock ticking and is forced to try to freeze her eggs. While Kate is haphazardly diagnosed with “Peter Pan Syndrome” and is forced to grow up and must write a fear journal, which she later turns into a children’s book. What comes to mind is that at any age one is conflicted with what it means to be an adult.




I still color when no children are around. I love Disney movies. I was the only one to laugh at Para-Norman. I love chocolate milk. And, I don’t care. Yes I have to deal with the responsibilities of being an adult. Pay rent and utility bills. Talking to insurance companies. A job. It is just the facts of life, but I don’t want anyone to be forced to grow up. Keep your heart young.

During mine and my sister’s growing up. It was hard. It would be an understatement to say that we didn’t like one another. As sisters do, we pretty much believed the other just didn’t exist. At 18, when I moved out. I rarely if ever saw her. I didn’t at the time believe it had any affect on her well being. Following my parent’s divorce, I understood. Through a few rough situations, a move two-hours away, and some counseling. We got back to each other.

Morgan and Nikki

All the best!!!


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