Note to Self

Recently, I have felt a million miles away from whom or whatever I am supposed to be. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this out of touch with my inner self than that moment of teenage angst we all feel during high school.
I can’t explain it other than I’m tired. Just plain tired of where this life is heading. Tonight, I am going to make a change and just finally take control of myself. I am being more proactive. Change is not going to come if action is not taken. It is going to be a little bit at a time, but changes are going to come.


why i love-hate the city

Okay, so “city” would be putting it lightly. I live in a small mid-western town in Ohio. It is rural trying to be big. I adore what it has turned out to be, rather, what it has become since growing into it. But, what I miss the most is living a mile away from my neighbors.

I used to live in the country when all you could here were crickets, bull frogs, wind, trains, snapping twigs and the occasional car driving by. Living in the city, you don’t get to experience the quiet nights listening to your own breath. I love taking walks, in fact recently I took a walk where the people were unbearable. I don’t like walking by a person with their dog, a boxer, is off a leash and comes bounding up to you. I love dogs. I love animals, but I don’t know your dog and your dog doesn’t know me. So, yes he/she may not bite, I don’t want to take the chance that that day, he/she senses a womanly angst that they don’t like.

I used to love walking down a country road listening to the birds and bugs fly by. That is what you get living in a rural town. But recently, I feel too closed in. I come home from work and just want to stay in, even though I love outside. I don’t hate people, just the closeness of those that live next to you. There is an obligation that one has to get to known ones neighbors, but I’m not that person. I just got new neighbors this week. Should I go say hello? Greet them with a welcome basket or something? It is too much pressure.

What I can’t wait for is my trip with my special guy. We are going down to The Hocking Hills, which is a must if you ever visit Ohio. We rented a cabin through Lazy Lane Cabins. What I love is the hospitality, reasonable prices, and homey feel. They cater to your needs. I love camping, but hate some of the aspects that come a long with it. This lets you get to be one with nature, without all the negatives.

All the best!