Morning sky

believe in yourself every morning.




You believe you can trust them. They are supposed to be there to lift you up. To make you feel like you actually can accomplish something.

But it is family that can be the worst critics, the worst group of homo-sapiens that can tear everything down.

I’ve had several occurrences involving family members being a little too overly cruel. It hasn’t really made me stop living. In fact I have taken the opposite reaction and done everything in my power to succeed.

There are many more adventures I want to accomplish, but where my life is right now, at this very moment, isn’t all that bad.

You want to believe your family will always love you unconditionally. That they will there when your “friends” aren’t there.

To be there when all else fails.

I’ve learned that family is not all that it is cracked up to be. I have those few people who I can trust with my life in their hands. At times, these individuals have left me down, but not to the extent of the others.

It is worse when other family members are having similar experiences. It is hard to remain biased and to overcome your own demons in order to help them.

Family is not everything. It is most things, but not everything. I have friends who I regard higher than most of my family.

It is not the blood that is rushing through your veins. It is that level of comfort you feel with those around you.

I don’t trust a lot of people. That number has decreased over the years and I’m afraid will continue to do so. I don’t need to have a lot of people around me. I just need to have those individuals around me who care and who I know will let me just be me.

We are given one life (not to sound cliche) but we are. This life isn’t supposed to be so negative. Fate plays a hand in all we are, but people shouldn’t be tipping those hands.

Life is definitely hard enough. We don’t need anything else added.

Take care of those that you love.

Everything can be forgiven for the most part. Don’t hold grudges. Grudges causes wrinkles and who wants that anyway 

All my love,