The friends you keep – Glenn is not dead

 I know I haven’t written in a while. There is no reason for it except I just haven’t felt inspired.
That said.
It is now November and the holiday season is in full swing. With celebrating Halloween everyone is once again hooked on the always thrilling, always intense, highly-anticipated new season of The Walking Dead on AMC.
I was not an instant fan. In fact, it took me until the finale of season 5, to watch the show from the beginning.
I, by definition, am a binge watcher and it didn’t take me long to get caught up. I am watching as everyone watches. I definitely realize how heart-wrenching it is..
I really couldn’t think straight after watching the “Thank You” episode that everyone is talking about right. Where someone who, may-or-may-not be dead (I am one of those who have thought of every theory under the sun.)


(Glenn on the set of The Walking Dead, photo courtesy of
But getting to know the characters more and thinking on how I would think/act during similar circumstances has made me wonder…
We choose the people around us on the basis of who we would want to survive with during a post-human-apocalypse. We want those people around us who would make those tough decisions, and as you may think you could, you have to wonder about the basic human instinct that is within you that make us humans.
I’m not saying would you would just resort to murder, absolutely not. But there are those times where you seek out the tough-love no one else can give from those that mean the most to you.
Here is my breakdown:
– You have the oracle, or the one who has all the reason. (That would be Hershel, Tyreese, Glenn)

These are the people who you go to for advice. Even if you don’t necessarily take it, you are drawn to their instincts as humans. The very beings that separate us from the wild.
– You have the ones that will always have your back. (That would be Michonne, Daryl, Carol)

These are the people who you know will always be there for you no matter the circumstances. They understand there are hard decisions to be made and they know the hardships that come with life. They will take into consideration what needs to be done and know it is the right for the good.
– You have the ones that will be skeptical of the world and what is out there (That would be Rick, Morgan, Abraham)

These are the leaders who lookout for their own and will do whatever it takes to make sure they survive over anyone else. In whatever the shape the world is in, they will morph into the ideal being that needs to adapt and, in the end, come out on top as the apex-predator.
There are so many reasons why these people are still alive. They know the ways of the world and they know how to make it work. It is not a pretty place and, even in today’s society, there is evil out there. We all have to adapt and become versions of ourselves that we may not want to be.
We all have to realize there is a strength deep down within us that takes control. That is survival. It doesn’t have to be the end of the world to tap into that. We are animals. We just have the gift of being able to decipher who/what we can trust.
For those who have their theories, 


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