Well, Now You Know Me

Well, now you know me

I struggle with opening up, well here are some general thoughts about me. So, I guess now you know me.

–          I’m 27, even though those who know me will tell you I have the soul of a 57 year old

–          I was born in the middle of winter

–          I prefer the cold over the heat.

–          The blues is my favorite genera of music.

–          My favorite bands are Led Zeppelin and The Beatles.

–          My favorite color is blue-green-purple

–          I’m indecisive in every decision I make.

–          I will watch a horror-action-thriller over any romantic comedy (anything with Jason Statham, Will Smith, or Liam Neeson kicking butt will do it)

–          I watch romantic comedies alone J

–          I watch Friends every night before I go to sleep.

–          I don’t have many friends, I keep it that way.

–          I use humor as a defense mechanism. I should have been a comic.

–          I love owls, in fact I love all animals over humans.

–          My sister is my best friend, but it wasn’t always that way.

–          I love my boyfriend very much, but he’ll tell you I love my cat Misty more than him J

–          I will take a camping trip or cabin in the woods over the beach any day.

–          I love Disney World.

–          I identify as agnostic, that is all the further I will go with that.

–          I don’t talk about religion or politics

–          I will be moving to Canada if Trump is elected president

–          I will cry more if an animal dies in a move than a human being. Or during any soldier coming home video

–          I should go see and talk to a therapist about my childhood

–          I am a true feminist in that I believe in equality for EVERYONE

–          I love boots

–          I wish I could just live in a Volkswagen bus and travel the world

–          There is nothing better than a good book and bottle of wine

–          I don’t care what other people think of me

–          No one will ever really understand the situation you are going through, even though they will try

–          I feel like a chameleon with everyone’s emotions

–          I don’t like talking, which doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to say

–          I hated high school and wish to never to go a reunion

–          I will eat a whole pack of Golden Oreos if left to my own devices

–          I get bored very easily

–          I’ve always struggled with liking myself

–          I haven’t talked to my father in over eight years

–          I love the thought of space

–          I worry about everything, especially things that are not in my control

–          My favorite drink is a screwdriver

–          I’ve enjoyed doing yoga, even though I don’t practice it as often as I should

–          I’m obsessed with anything true crime

–          I think about death, not in a suicidal way

–          I pride myself on being honest, don’t ask me if you don’t want to know

–          I hate cleaning the bathroom

–          I may love my cat more than my boyfriend J

–          Zooey Deschanel is my spirt animal

–          I follow too many cats on Instagram

–          “Oh, the places you’ll go” is probably the best book by far

–          I have four tattoos and six ear piercings

–          I say I want to grow my hair out but will turn around the next week and cut it

–          Some days it takes me a lot time to get myself to get out of bed

–          I know there is more out there for me to do

–          I wish I had done what I wanted to do with my life and not listened to those who told me not to

–          I was not a planned baby, but I have a feeling I was meant to be here for a higher purpose.

–          I’m still in search of that purpose

This list is just the surface. In fact, it may be superficial, but it goes deeper. Have questions, please just ask.

Thanks for listening,

As always,