My best friends live in the radio 

I grew up as a lonely child. I had a few friends and family around me, but loneliness would keep setting in. My solace, my place where I would go and live was held within the radio, on screen and in my headphones.
My allowance would be spent buying CDs and anything regarding music. Now, before going further, I am not very musically inclined myself. I’ve tried my hand at songwriting and playing a little guitar.

But feeling someone else’s songs has been what keeps me above water. Music is an emotional, universal language that speaks to the hearts and minds of all.

There are so many artists I adore that I can’t really tell you who I like the most or what is my favorite song.

What prompted this post is the many losses the music community has gone through this year. Many if not all have had some impact in my life.

I can tell you the first time I heard Prince, really heard him. As a teenager, going through the changes young women face it is hard in anyone. When I really fell in love with Prince I was watching Purple Rain with my cousin. We both were young women trying to figure out life. We, and still do, feel like we knew it all. Hearing the song “Purple Rain” was defining for me in that the song is just beautiful on the outside and mix that with the fantastic guitar work from Prince and the vocals takes it to a whole other universe. The song opened Prince up to me and really gave me an outlet. Each song spoke to me when I needed it most. 

Who also spoke to me during the same time frame was the masterful David Bowie. Bowie was that chameleon, androgynous figure parents hated. Which definitely fueled the reason why we as teens flocked to him. His music, “Heroes,” “Changes,” “Suffragette City,” “Panic In Detroit,” “Rebel Rebel,” and the like fueled my search of who I am right now. He made it okay to be different, to stand up for whatever you deem is not right.

(My favorite tattoo, if you don’t understand then you don’t deserve to.)

There are so many songs I’ve related to over the years and there are songs that are just there to make you feel good and let it all go. 

Music is life to me, whether I’m walking the mountains of Kashmir with Led Zeppelin, standing in the rain with John Cusack and Peter Gabriel, listening to the blues with B.B. King or putting my feet up after a hard day’s night with The Beatles: music will and always be there for me when life gets a little too rough. 

This post is just to help me grieve. I’ve never met them, but deep down they are in my heart and have been the best teachers I’ve ever had.

Rock on and just never stop playing the music.

Simply yours,


P.s. Rest In Peace George Michael, we will all have faith.


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