Well 2016 is over and its been the first week of 2017. Last year was a very long year in so many ways. The election, country unrest, terrorist attacks, iconic celebrity deaths and everything in between. Many people are glad that 2016 is over, but there are so many aspects of the next year and next three years that we need to not over look.

Last year had its devastating upsets, but it was a good year in that people were brought to the forefront of what is really wrong with this world and forced to become a part in something everyone will remember. I don’t want to make this a political post, but everyone who knows what is going on will understand.


Last year for me personally was a year of really trying to get to know where I want to go as a person, as a friend, and in my career. I don’t do new years resolutions, but I feel it is important to just try to reevaluate yourself for the next year. It is a new chapter in our lives and it is important to learn from the past year. I have created a list of 17 things to think about and try to put in place in my life (in no particular order).

I. I want to be more conscious of what is going on in the world around me and not look away.

II. I want to be more involved with friends and not flake away.

III. I want to write more for my enjoyment.

IV. I want to update my blog more often with better content of what really matters to me.

V. I want to finish the stories I have been working the last year.

VI. I want to, overall, finish what I’ve started.

VII. I want to be a more open person.

VIII. I want to be creative in different ways.

IX. I want to be more present at work.

X. I want to not take what I do have for granted.

XI. I want to seek out new challenges for myself and to grow.

XII. I want to read more. More with quality.

XIII. I want to just live and have fun.

XIV. I want to travel more to places I haven’t been.

XV. I want to be more financially secure and be more responsible with my money.

XVI. I want to be more organized in my personal life and in my home.

XVII. I just want to become more impassioned with what means the most to me and fulfill that passion and work towards bettering myself, the people around me and the world.

Simply yours,

Nicole ❤