Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is going to have a wonderful holiday season!

This year has been rough, but I do remain positive. Everything happens for s reason. I know I have to be patient, which is hard for me.

I’m so grateful for having wonderful people around me to share this time with.

Here’s to a new year, new challenges, new experiences and new adventures!

Simply yours,



Dear sister/ Happy Birthday

Dear Morgan,
I know it is hard, turning 18, becoming an adult and trying to find your place in the world. I’ve never wanted children and I still don’t (especially with reading my last post.) But I feel a closeness to you and I want you to know I don’t feel like a “mother” figure to you or even a sister at times. You are my best friend.
I do know at some level what you are feeling. We will both feel and experience things differently, but I want you to know I am always here for you. No matter who says what to you. No matter what may happen I will always love you.
You won’t be a failure. Things take time. You will be great at whatever you decide. This message is for you to know you are not alone. Believe that it will be okay.
You are beautiful and special. Believe it.
I love you with everything I have.
Your sister