How do you say love?

Land on the truth. Own yourself. View the world with no judgement. Enter in fully in the adventure.



Spring brings life.
Life, that is worthy,
Worthy to fulfill the balance.
Balancing the pace between life and death.
Death is the beginning of rebirth.
Rebirth signifies the end and a new beginning.
Beginning a new cycle, a new life.
Life to bring spring.


Bringing to light the struggles we’ve gone through.
Taking each step one at a time.
Standing to bear the next blow.
Fully committed to the strength it takes.
Finding the bright side of life and love.
Together, as one, Standing.


Open up your self to life.
Give all that you care to give.
Never let go of the possibilities that you hold.
Forever stand in the light of others, absorb the rays of your surroundings.
Live open and free.
Cherish your mistakes and follow through to your dreams.